Consulting djbware Publications


For the German reading community, I can recommend some books, I've written in the last decades:

Technik der IP-Netze

Technik der IP-Netze

  • Title: Technik der IP-Netze (5. edition) Hanser-Verlag 2023 (coming soon)
  • Subject: Grundlagen der IPv4- und IPv6-Kommunikation
  • Authors: Anatol Badach and Erwin Hoffmann
  • ISBN-13 (print) -- (ca. 69 Euro)
  • ISBN-13 (Ebook): -- (ca. 43 Euro)
  • The fifth edition is going to get released 2023 including on about 1200 pages current subjects while covering IT Security with ECC crypto, QUIC, CoAP, MACSec, TLS 1.3, and IoT together with virtual networking
  • In accordance with the previous releases, Internet resources are throughout linked in the eBook.
  • The eBook may serve as 'informations hub' for the interested reader.

Powernetworking with QMail & Co

Qmail & Co

  • Title: Powernetworking mit QMail & Co was scheduled to be released by 'Markt&Technik' in 2003
  • Subject: Usage of djbware under Unix
  • Author: Erwin Hoffmann
  • After the implosion of the dot-com bubble in the beginning of the centry just the manuscripts survived
Note: Some subjects already discussed/forseen here (DNS, NTP) are now part of 'Technik der IP-Netze'.

High Speed Internetworking

High Speed Internetworking (2. edition)

  • Title: High Speed Internetworking (2. edition 1997) Addison Wesley
  • Subjects: Foundation, communication standards, technologies of shared and switched LANs
  • Authors: Anatol, Badach, Erwin Hoffmann and Olaf Knauer
  • ISBN 3-8273-1232-9 (not available any more)

High Speed Internetworking (1. edition)

  • Title: High Speed Internetworking (1. edition 1994) Addison Wesley
  • Subjects Foundation and concepts using FDDI and ATM networks
  • Authors: Anatol, Badach, Erwin Hoffmann and Olaf Knauer
  • ISBN 3-89319-713-3 (out of stock)


I compiled some documents and toturials which ought to be helpful in case you use my djbware:

SMTP Authentication

SMTP Authentication; in particular with Qmail (english)

Transport Layer Security

Transport Layer Security with ucspi-ssl (english)

Korn Shell usage

PDF   A survey of the Korn Shell and its usage (german)

VI Editor short reference

PDF   Double-sided one pager with the most important commands for the vi editor (german)

Academical subjects

Teaching and research documents:

IPv6 development

PDF   Analysis of IPv6 Router Advertisements: What is wrong with the IPv6 RA protocol? (english)

IT-Project management

PDF   Script accompanying my lectures IT Project Management: Elementes of IT Project Management (english)

Scientific working and publishing

PDF   Hints for scientific working and publishing; in particular preparing a bachelor's and/or masters's thesis with Donald Knuth's LaTeX: Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten und Publizieren

DNS Development

PDF   Usage an implementation of IPv6 LLU support in DNS: The case of IPv6 LLU endpoint address support in DNS (english)

Talks and presentations

Quite regularily I give talks. Here is a compilation in chronological order: